Every business is unique. Period.

Adephanie Multimedia Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based brand development company, leveraging its own multimedia production capabilities to help individuals and organization who are lead and serve, underserved communities, to optimize their brands, services, and events, to better target and attract attention for better patronage. This can involve, print advertisement, digital advertisement, social media and website development.

Established in February of 2008, originally, Adephanie was created as the marketing arm to a, now defunct, recording label.  CEO and founder,  Adam “Adam Lue” Glover, taking inventory of accomplishments and what he would like to set out to do, saw so many great ideas never seeing the light of day, due to systematic disenfranchising. He swung into gear actively seeking and helping and working with those who are working for the good of the community.

In 2017, officially joining the Radius coworking space, Adephanie added complete brand development and consultation. Make no mistake after ten years of grinding, Adephanie is just getting started.

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Graphic Design: Apparel, Banners, Billboards, Book Covers, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Store Fronts, and more


We develop WordPress sites that do some serious heavy lifting, linking to social media, industry leading SEO, and more.


We produce original music for commercial usage on-demand and have a growing library of soundscapes.


Marketing can make you nervous. However, we work to create a winning marketing strategy for each project we consult for.